Why Skynamo and Sage?

Improve cash-flow and customer experience, reduce admin and errors

Instant Orders

View pricing and promotions

Enable sales reps to view pricing and promotions by customer, customer type, industry or region

Manual entry

Increase customer visits

Manage your sales team and ensure customers are visited regularly

Multiple Warehouses

Multiple Warehouses

Sales reps have the ability to view stock levels and place orders through multiple warehouses. Associate an email address to a warehouse to ensure the correct division receives the order

Multiple Pricelists

Accurate Pricing

Extend access to Sage to your sales reps while on the road and give them access to accurate pricing, product and inventory information stored in Sage

Single View

Off-line capabilities

Enable sales reps to submit accurate orders, quotes, credit requests and job cards while at a customer...even offline!

Single view of invoice details

GPS tracking

GPS technology tracks sales rep activity and reduces administrative data entry for sales reps by recording activity and customer visits

Accurate Quoting

Minimise turnaround time

Minimise turnaround time from orders to invoicing and increase cashflow

One version

Maintain one version of customer data

     Minimise data entry requirements for finance teams, improve accuracy of data and orders

What is Skynamo?

Skynamo (formerly known as Honeybee) is a mobile-first sales app and Field Sales Management software for Sage that seamlessly connects sales to finance, so your sales and finance teams view the same data all the time – even while sales reps are on the road. Plus, offline functionality means sales reps can continue working even if offline and data gets synchronised as soon as they come back online.

Skynamo is been built for businesses with a mobile or field sales force that make face-to-face customer visits on a regular basis to conduct stock takes, order stock, conduct retail audits or market research and manage their customer relationships.

Who uses Skynamo?

Skynamo is used by over 420 manufacturers, distributors and wholesalers of Food & Beverages, Wine & Spirits, Building Material & Hardware, Automotive, Chemicals, Oil & Lubricants, Homeware & Electronics, Medical supplies and more.

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